Cosmosis is a music show heard live on 107.1 WRFN-LP, Pasquo, Tennessee, every Friday from 3-5pm and every Saturday from 6-7am central time. It can also be heard live on the net at radiofreenashville.org, and in archive form here at radiocosmosis.com.

Cosmosis was created out of both frustration with the compartmentalization of commercial radio and love for what radio used to be. Believe it or not, radio was once an exciting and groundbreaking medium. You could hear Johnny Cash, Marvin Gaye, The Beatles, Dave Brubeck, Jimi Hendrix, and Frank Sinatra in a thirty-minute segment on a Top 40 station. That would be like hearing Alan Jackson, Usher, Maroon 5, Branford Marsalis, Phish, and Diana Krall on the same station today. It just doesn't happen anymore.

Back then, the jocks had more control over what kind of music they played. For example, Memphis DJ Dewey Phillips once played a new song by a then-unknown singer named Elvis Presley seven times in a row. Why? He loved the song! Stations' playlists are now largely decided by consultants, who attempt to make all stations of a specific format sound similar nationwide (i.e. all classic rock stations sound alike, all Top 40 stations sound alike, etc.).

The songs played on Cosmosis are chosen by the dj's based on musical tastes - like the old days. We also take requests from listeners. Hopefully, you'll enjoy listening to the show as much as we enjoy putting it together.

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Listen to the Cosmosis on the radio every Friday from 3pm - 5pm and every Saturday from 6am to 7am. In the Nashville area, tune in to 107.1 FM. In the rest of the world, listen online.

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